A simulation comprises three major steps:

CrysMAS provides a mode of operation for each of these steps.

Modes of operation

In the Geometry Mode you draw or modify the geometry of a furnace. CrysMAS geometry uses points and lines only. You can import CAD drawings, but curvy shapes have to be transferred to lines. Otherwise the furnace outline may show gaps.

In the Material Mode you set up the material database, define materials and their properties, and assign materials to the regions of the furnace.

In the Simulation Mode you set the basic conditions in the Settings menu and you define the parameters for the simulation in the Computation menu. Prerequisite for Simulation Mode is that the furnace geometry is complete, and that materials were assigned to all furnace regions.

Visualization of results

You have various choices to visualize the results of your simulation, such as isolines, the scalar field or the vector field, and you can determine the interval gradation. For showing isolines, for instance, you either open the pop-up window by selecting Visualization > Show or you click on the appropriate button in the tool bar.

Data export

CrysMAS enables you to export almost any data you want to. You can export the complete data file as well as selected variables for particular points or along polylines.