Installing CrysMAS in a Linux environment

The distribution kit for Linux contains one archive file: CrysMAS-version.tar.gz.


Make sure you have the right of access for the directories where you install CrysMAS . You may need to be root/administrator.

  1. Copy the file CrysMAS-version.tar.gz to the desired directory, e.g. /usr/local directory.

  2. Type cd /usr/local.

  3. Unpack the archive by typing tar -xzf CrysMAS-version.tar.gz or tar -xzf CrysMAS-version.tar.gz -c /usr/local.

    The directory /usr/local/CrysMAS-version will be created and shall contain the following directories and files:

    Directory/File name



    Material database file.

    Optionally, the joiner configuration file,the furnace inserts and cartridges.


    Documentation including: printable (Manual.pdf) and online (Manual/*.html) user manual for CrysMAS .


    Sample files for the tutorials. e.g. LGF-prototype.crys, Inductive_heating.crys, VGF_geometry.pcs,


    Main application (GUI version) of CrysMAS.


    Batch (online) version of CrysMAS.


    CrysMAS help browser

  4. The name of the directory depends on the number of CrysMAS versions you have and want to keep:

    If you want to keep more than one CrysMAS version, create a symbolic link to your latest CrysMAS version by typing ln -s CrysMAS-version CrysMAS.

  5. If your shell is bash, ksh, zsh or sh, you need to edit the file ~.profile to set the PATH environment variable. Create the file ~.profile, if it does not exist, or edit /etc/profile for system wide effect.

    Open the file .profile respectively /etc/profile.

  6. Add the lines PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/CrysMAS and export PATH.

  7. Save and close the file.

  8. For csh or tcsh shells, you need the file .login to set the PATH environment variable. If this file does not exist, create it first respectively edit /etc/csh.login.

    Open the file .login respectively /etc/csh.login.

  9. Add the line set path = ($path /usr/local/CrysMAS).

    These changes take effect the next time you login.