Installing CrysMAS in a Windows environment

The distribution kit for Windows contains one archive file:

  1. Open the Windows explorer.

  2. Select the directory where you want to install CrysMAS, e.g. c:\programs.

  3. Copy the file from the distribution kit to the selected directory.

  4. Double-click on the file to extract it using a standard archiver, e.g. WinZip.

    The files are extracted to the CrysMAS-version directory.

    If you want to keep more than one version of CrysMAS , you may leave the name. Otherwise rename the directory to CrysMAS.

    The CrysMAS directory shall contain the following files and directories:

    Directory/File name



    Material database file.

    Optionally, the joiner configuration file,the furnace inserts and cartridges.


    Documentation including: printable (Manual.pdf) and online (Manual/*.html) user manual for CrysMAS .


    Sample files for the tutorials. e.g. LGF-prototype.crys, Inductive_heating.crys, VGF_geometry.pcs,


    Main application (GUI version) of CrysMAS


    Batch (online) version of CrysMAS


    CrysMAS help browser

    msvcrt.dll, msvcp60.dll, zlib.dll, qt-mt311.dll

    Several system files (libraries)


In most Windows environments system files like *.dll are hidden. If you want them to be displayed, check in the Windows Explorer under View > Options that all files are displayed.


In addition you may want to create a shortcut to the CrysMAS.exe on your desktop and set the “working directory” of the application to the work directory of CrysMAS .