Screen sections

When you start CrysMAS , the Main Window always opens in Simulation Mode. The file name displayed in the status bar is unknown and will be replaced as soon as you load a *.crys file, or you save the current file in the example toymodel (.crys).

Sections of Main Window 

  1. Menu bar

  2. Tool bar

  3. Working area

  4. Status bar

  5. Mouse pointer coordinates

  6. In Materials Mode: Material assigned; in Simulation Mode: Region number and material or value of variable

  7. File name

  8. Status

  9. Progress indicator

  10. Log messages window (optional)

Figure 1. Sections of Main Window

Screen elements overview

In the graphical user interface, you only find standard elements:

  • Menu bar with drop-down menus

  • Icon tool bar for frequently used menu items

  • Working area

  • Dialog Windows with buttons, list boxes, check boxes and input fields

Most of the screen elements are used as is common practice.

The drop-down menus in the menu bar enable you to select the mode of operation, edit the geometry and open the dialogs necessary to define materials and settings as well as computation and output parameters. For many menu items shortcuts are available.