Activating the Context Sensitive Help

The context sensitive help is implemented in CrysMAS based on Qt Assistant browser and uses the HTML version of the User Manual.

The help can be triggered in several ways:

First time the user triggers the help, the program is looking for browser application - assistant(.exe) program - and initializes it. If the initialization was successful, the browser window opens showing the help page. Otherwise, either the browser or the user manual was not found and you have to set the valid location:

  1. Select File > Preferences.

    The Preferences dialog opens.

  2. Select Paths tab.

    The Paths tab opens.

    Preferences dialog, Paths tab 

    Figure 3. Preferences dialog, Paths tab

  3. Check or set the User manual path.

    The on-line user manual (*.html files) is installed, by default, in CrysMAS's Doc/Manual subdirectory. If not, specify the actual Manual directory or select it using   button.

  4. Check or set the Help browser.

    The help pages are shown by QtAssistant application coming with CrysMAS software. The program is installed, by default, in CrysMAS's directory. If not, select the assistant(.exe) file using   button.

  5. Save changes clicking Apply button.

    The help system is activated and you can press F1 key or click on   button.