Geometry Mode

The furnace geometry is crucial to the result of the simulation. CrysMAS provides the opportunity to draw a furnace from scratch or to import the geometry from a *.dxf file. For axial-symmetric furnaces, only the right half has to be designed. The simulation program can also compute variables for translational furnaces, see Setting Symmetry.

CrysMAS also offers the opportunity of inserting different cartridges into furnaces of the same kind and checks the compatibility during the joining procedure, see Labels and Joiner.

Besides, a tool called GenerateCzGeometry gives the possibility to automatically create models for different growth stages of a Cz model from an empty furnace model, see automatic generation of Cz geometries.

The drawing tool enables you to draw complex geometries by only using points and lines. The Edit menu, only available in Geometry Mode, enables you to select, to group, or to modify elements of the drawing. Any operation can be revoked either by selecting Edit > Undo or pressing Esc. The Undo can be repeated for several steps, but it is only available in Geometry Mode. There is no Undo in Materials and in Simulation Modes.

You can save geometry data separately from the rest of the information, if you want to use the data for experimenting with different materials. These files get the extension *.pcs and can be opened only in Geometry Mode. Geometry data are also automatically stored in the *.crys file which is saved in Simulation Mode.

In Geometry Mode, you can perform the following operations: