Handling dangling points

Each point needs to be connected to at least two lines, because CrysMAS 's simulation model is based on regions.

If you have “dangling points”, the system displays the following message when you try to switch to Materials Mode:

Error dangling points 

Figure 1. Error dangling points

Dangling points are highlighted in red. You need to take care of these dangling points, before you are allowed to quit Geometry Mode, see Merging points.

You have two options for handling dangling points:

Connecting points means you draw a line between two dangling points, a specific case of the procedure described in Drawing lines.

  1. Enlarge the area with the dangling points, see Zooming and Scrolling.

  2. Place the mouse pointer exactly on the first point.

  3. Click and hold the middle mouse button.

  4. Drag the mouse towards the second point.

As you come closer, you will notice that the mouse pointer is automatically attracted and precisely linked to the center of the point. CrysMAS supports you in connecting points by employing raster points and tolerance, see Using Tolerance and Raster.