Setting tolerance

Because geometries have to be considerably scaled down for running simulations in CrysMAS , it may not be easy to hit exactly the point you want to connect or to change. But if you miss it just a little bit, you produce an additional (dangling) point. Enlarging the drawing every time would be tedious. So CrysMAS supports you in finding the exact center of a point by attracting the mouse pointer to the point as soon as the pointer comes close enough. This tolerance is very useful for modifying drawings.

CrysMAS measures the distance between an existing point and the mouse pointer and tolerance specifies the radius of the attraction circle around an existing point. Tolerance is measured in meter. Adjust the tolerance at a minimum distance for the task you have to do. Changing the tolerance does not have any impact on existing points and lines.

For changing the tolerance you proceed as follows:

  1. Place the mouse pointer in the tolerance input field   in the tool bar.

  2. Change the value for tolerance.

  3. Confirm and apply the new value by pressing the Enter key while the pointer is still in the input field.

The attraction radius will change according to the value. You might have to enlarge your drawing or to activate the raster, before you can observe any difference.


You are not allowed to place points closer than the tolerance. If necessary, you have to change the tolerance first.