Using raster

The raster in Geometry Mode is displayed as regularly arranged points. The tolerance defines the increment of the raster. Once the raster has been activated, points can be set only on raster points. But the raster mode will not affect already drawn points and lines. You can use a fine raster for small details in the drawing and then increase the tolerance to continue with a coarser raster.

The raster facilitates in particular


If the points and lines of your drawing do not match the tolerance, avoid drawing any points or lines while the raster is on.

If the new line crosses old lines, the intersection points will be automatically attracted to the raster points. This will distort your drawing.

Make sure that the Toggle Raster button is turned off, before you modify your drawing.

The raster points will be displayed.


If raster points are not visible, your tolerance may be too small. You can either increase the tolerance or enlarge the drawing.