Moving elements via the Copy/Move-to dialog

In this section we explain how to move points and lines by specifying new coordinates. How to move elements by drag and drop is described in section Moving elements by drag and drop.


Be sure to select all elements you want to be moved. For moving a line, always select both end points. If you select only one end point, only this point will be moved and the line becomes inclined.

For moving elements you proceed as follows:

  1. Select the point(s) or the line(s) you want to move by using the right mouse button.

  2. Select Edit > Copy/Move to menu item.

    The Copy/Move to dialog opens:

    Copy/Move-to dialog: moving parameters. 

    Figure 2. Copy/Move-to dialog: moving parameters.

  3. Check move option.

  4. Check absolute option, if you want to give the coordinates of the new position starting from point zero.


    Check relative option, if you want to specify the new position as difference relative to the actual position.

  5. Type the new coordinate for x (r) or y (z) in the associated input field.

  6. Check the box in front of Change x (r) to or Change y (z) to or both, if you want the new coordinate(s) to be applied.

  7. Click on Apply button to apply the changes.

The selected point or line moves to the right. If nothing happens, look into the Move to dialog, whether you forgot to check any of the boxes.

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