Copying elements via the Copy/Move-to dialog

In this section we explain how to copy points and lines by specifying new coordinates. How to copy elements by drag and drop is described in section Copying elements by drag and drop.


The new points and lines are placed relative to the position of initial elements, so the x and y fields represent the displacement between original elements and their copy.

For copying elements you proceed as follows:

  1. Select the point(s) or the line(s) you want to copy by using the right mouse button.

  2. Select Edit > Copy/Move to.

    The Copy/Move to dialog opens:

    Move-to dialog: copying parameters. 

    Figure 3. Move-to dialog: copying parameters.

  3. Check copy option.

    The absolute/relative check box is disabled while the copy is always relative.

  4. Type the displacement for x (r) or y (z) in the associated input field.

  5. Check the box in front of Change x (r) to or Change y (z) to or both, to specify the relative position of copied elements.

  6. Click on Apply button to apply the changes.