Working with blocks

CrysMAS offers the possibility to work with blocks, which facilitates copying and moving, for instance. Each block can be easily identified by its own color. Each line can belong to only one block. The block information is only available in Geometry Mode. If you want to preserve it, you have to save the *.pcs file of the drawing.

In order to work with blocks, you need to click on the Toggle Block button   in the tool bar. Otherwise, only lines or points hit by the right mouse button will be selected. The Toggle Block button remains active, as long as you click on it again to turn it off. Clicking the right mouse button anywhere in the drawing will select the closest block, i.e. the block to which the closest line belongs. To select a particular block, just click inside or right outside this block.

To create a block you proceed as follows:

  1. Select the lines you want to be included in the block by using the right mouse button. Selecting points is not necessary, because they are ignored.

  2. Select Edit > Create Block.

The block appears in the drawing as group of lines of the same color.