Materials dialog

When you load a *.crys file and open the Materials dialog, the following window appears:

Materials dialog window 

Figure 1. Materials dialog window

The Materials dialog window is divided into two sections: In the left section the name of the selected material, the list of all materials in the current furnace is displayed and the buttons Delete Material and Database are offered.

The large frame on the right hand side contains properties and phases for each material in the materials list. On top of the material properties field you find buttons for adding and deleting phases to materials, plotting properties and displaying the characteristic numbers for the sample material.

Underneath the material properties field are a few fields for displaying and entering additional information:




Revision number of material.


Status of material compared to the material database, e.g. Up_to_date, LocallyModified, NeedsPatch.

Critical T (K)

Represents the maximal temperature this material can support.

Mushy zone (K)

Represents half the interval in which latent heat is released.

interp. Zone (K)

Similar to Mushy zone, but specifies a temperature range across which thermal conductivities of the two phases are linearily interpolated. This may help to avoid solution oscillations when using the unstructured front tracking.


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