Copying materials from the material database to the furnace

The materials of the database are available to the user in the Database dialog. If no materials are available, you have to set the location of the database file, see Configuring the material database.

  1. Select Settings > Materials to open the Materials dialog.

  2. Click on the Database button.

    The list of materials in the Material database will be displayed in the Database dialog.

    Material database 

    Figure 4. Material database

  3. Select the material you want to transfer to the local database and click on the   button.

    The selected material, in this case Boroxid copied to the Local materials field:

    Setting up local materials database 

    Figure 5. Setting up local materials database

  4. Click on Apply to save the changes and keep the dialog open.


    Click on OK or Apply and Close to apply the changes and to close the dialog.


Materials copied to the local database will be available simultaneously in the list of materials in the Materials dialog and in the list box in the tool bar of the main window.

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