Adding and replacing materials in the Materials dialog

The user has the full control over the furnace's materials and their properties in the Materials dialog.

Adding a material to an already existing list of materials saves time, because you only have to assign a name to the material and to adapt the properties. If the list is completely empty, you have to supply not only the material name, but also all relevant properties.

Number and types of properties are predetermined. You cannot add new ones because materials' properties are essential to CrysMAS 's computation process.

To add or replace a furnace material proceed as follows:

  1. Select Settings > Materials to open the Materials dialog.

    The Materials dialog opens.

    Materials dialog window 

    Figure 6. Materials dialog window

  2. The name of a material must be unique and can not be changed. Observe case sensitivity when typing the material name.

    If materials are available, select a material with similar properties than the one you want to add from the materials list in the left window and overwrite the name in the input field under Material name.


    Type the name of the new material in the input field under Material name.

  3. Press Enter.

    The material name appears in the materials' list window on the left and its properties will be considered in future computations.

  4. Change properties, if necessary, see Modifying Materials Properties.

  5. Click on Apply, if you want to keep the dialog open for adding more materials.


    Click on OK or Apply and Close to apply the changes and to close the dialog.

    The new material(s) can be assigned to furnace regions.


For replacing a material you proceed as if you were adding a new material. After you changed the assignment, see Assigning Materials to Regions , delete the material no longer needed before you close the dialog.

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