Updating furnace materials based on the material database

Whenever materials properties are changed, the material database keeps the revision of each furnace material. You may use any revision of any material, because the database contains all revisions available.

If an old revision of a material is used in a furnace, the program automatically displays the following warning, when you open the *.crys file:

Old material properties warning 

Figure 7. Old material properties warning

The status NeedsPatch is assigned to the material(s) concerned.

You can update the properties of selected materials or of all materials in this furnace.

  1. Select Settings > Materials to open the Materials dialog.

  2. Click on the Database button to open the Database dialog.

    The Database dialog opens.

    Updating furnace materials 

    Figure 8. Updating furnace materials

  3. Select the material you want to update in the furnace materials list on the right and click on the   button.


    Click on the   button to update all materials which have the NeedsPatch status.

    The selected material(s) are updated and their status is changed to 'Up_to_date'.

  4. Click on Apply to save the changes.