Changing thermal properties

Here you specify at least the material heat capacity and conductivity-r. The default for conductivity is isotropic. Only when changing to anisotropic, you can specify conductivity -z and Phi. Melting point and Latent heat are only displayed for materials with at least two phases, normally the material of the sample.

Thermal properties


Explanation/Possible entries

Heat capacity


Specific heat capacity of the material (f(T)).

Conductivity - r


Thermal conductivity (Lambda -r) as function of T for the conductivity along the r-axis, default = 0.

Conductivity - z


Thermal conductivity (Lambda -z) as function of T for the conductivity along the z-axis, default = 0.

Requires Anisotrop = yes.



Default is isotropic ( Anisotrop = no). To enter an anisotrop conductivity, the list box option must be set to yes.

The anisotrop option defines two orthotropic components of the heat conductivity which coincide with the radial and axial one in the axisymmetric case. For varying attitude of the conductivity tensor see description of the anisotrop regions in Settings chapter.



Anisotrop Phi specifies the angle between z axis and symmetry axis.

Requires Anisotrop = yes.

Note: The anisotropy angle fixes the orientation of the principal axes of the conductivity tensor in the 2D Cartesian or axisymmetric coordinates. If the attitude of the conductivity tensor is aligned on the geometry of the region then the angle Phi should be set equal to zero and the property Shaped Anisotropy should be used.

Melting point


Temperature at which a solid material becomes a liquid.

Only displayed if material has more than one phase!

Latent heat


Heat associated with a phase;

heat absorbed (or released) by a unit mass of substance to change its state without any change in temperature.

Only displayed if material has more than one phase!

Note: this material parameter is used only in the enthalpy method on the unstructured mesh for multiphase materials. Provided the phase tracking method on hybrid mesh is applied then phases are separated by the region boundary, both phases belong to the single phase materials. In this case the material parameter Latent heat is not used. Instead of it the Latent Heat value from the dialog Process Parameters , the tab General will be used. The dimensionality of the latent heat for phase tracking method is W/m³, typical values are about 4*10^9 W/m³.


  1. Place the cursor in the phase column of the property that you want to change.

  2. Type respectively overwrite the value.


    Select yes in the list box of the Anisotrop property to specify Conductivity -z and/or Phi.

  3. Click on Apply or press the Enter key and continue with the next property.


    Click on OK to apply the changes and to close the dialog.

    The next computation will consider the changed properties.