Assigning Materials to Regions

In Materials Mode selecting a region is employed for assigning a material to that region, one by one, using ctrl together with the left mouse button. The middle mouse button and the right mouse button have no function in the assigning procedure.

After you finished drawing in Geometry Mode, you switch to Materials Mode. All regions will be white.

No materials assigned yet 

Figure 11. No materials assigned yet

As soon as a material is assigned, the region will adopt the color associated with the material in the list box. If you changed regions in a file which had already materials assigned to its regions, only the modified regions will be white.


Colors are randomly assigned to materials in alphabetical order. If you add a material in the middle of the list, for instance, the color of the following materials will change in the furnace!

Eventually all regions of your furnace will be colored:

Materials assigned to regions 

Figure 12. Materials assigned to regions


It is absolutely necessary that you assign a material to each region. CrysMAS will not start computing, if regions exist to which no material was assigned! In this case, you will get the following error message after starting the computation:

Regions without materials error 

Figure 13. Regions without materials error


If you want to avoid the unstructured mesh in certain regions, assign the material vacuum. Then no transport phenomena can be considered in these regions, but the surface to surface radiation is still available. This measure helps to reduce the applied number of degrees of freedom.

For assigning materials proceed as follows:

  1. Select Mode > Materials.

    The furnace regions are displayed. Each region has a different color, see Materials assigned to regions.

  2. The list box in the tool bar contains the materials available in the current furnace. If the list box is empty, you can import materials by opening any *.mat file.

    Select the desired material from the list box in the tool bar.

  3. If the region is very small, you can enlarge the cutout by using the left mouse button. For zooming back you click on  . You can assign a material only to one region at a time.

    Move the mouse pointer to the region where you want to assign this material.

  4. Press and hold the CRTL key and click the left mouse button.

    The selected region will adopt the color allocated to the material in the list box.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3, until a material has been assigned to each region of the geometry respectively all changes have been made.

  6. Select Mode > Simulation to switch to Simulation Mode.


    Save the *.mat file with the current materials and their properties, before switching to Simulation Mode.


Colors are randomly assigned to materials. The same material can and probably will have different colors in different files, depending on number and sequence of materials.


If the structured mesh was already generated before the material assignment, the material can be set or changed only for regions without unstructured mesh, for regions with structured mesh the material assignment is locked.

In order to change material assignment for structurally meshed regions the structured mesh should be first deleted and generated again. Otherwise the association of the regions according to the material distribution and corresponding GUI items becomes inconsistent.

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