Configuring the material database

The material database consists of one material file stored in CrysMAS 's Data directory, default is material_database.mat. You have to specify the valid path and the file name for the material database, in the Preferences dialog.


For consistency reasons, the material database file shall only be modified in CrysMAS .

  1. Select File > Preferences.

  2. Select Paths tab.

    The Paths tab opens.

    Preferences dialog, Paths tab 

    Figure 14. Preferences dialog, Paths tab

  3. Browse for the material database file, e.g. material_database.mat.

    File name and path of the material database appear in the Material database field.

  4. To apply the changes and close the dialog:

    Click on Apply and Close.


    Click on OK.

  5. In the Database dialog you can verify that the database materials are actually available:

    Select Settings > Materials to open the Materials dialog.

  6. Click on the Database button.

    The list of materials in the local database will be displayed on the left hand side of the Database dialog.

    Database dialog, material database loaded 

    Figure 15. Database dialog, material database loaded

  7. Click on Close to close the dialog.

    As soon as you open a *.crys file, its local materials list will be displayed.

    Database dialog, database and furnace materials available 

    Figure 16. Database dialog, database and furnace materials available

    Now you can transfer missing materials from the database to the list of local materials on the right side of the dialog or update the materials having the status NeedsPatch.

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