Adding materials to the material database and updating materials

The materials defined in CrysMAS are stored in the material database. A material that shall be added or updated has to be made available in the list of local materials in the Database dialog.

You have three possibilities to add a material to the list of local materials:


  1. Select Settings > Materials to open Materials dialog.

  2. Add the new material and its properties, e.g. Crucible Support, see Adding, Replacing and Deleting Materials.

  3. Click on Apply.

  4. Click on the Database button.

    The material Crucible Support is displayed in the Local materials list.

  5. Click on  .

    The material Crucible Support is saved in the Material database. If this material has already been saved to the database, a new revision of Crucible Support will be added.

  6. To apply the changes and close the dialog:

    Click on Apply and Close.


    Click on OK.


You can add or update more than one material using the Save all button. In this case materials having the status LocallyAdded or LocallyModified in the local materials list are saved to the material database all at once.