Computing Characteristic Numbers

In order to use the characteristic number calculator some prerequisites have to be fulfilled.

In the following it is described how to calculate characteristic numbers:

  1. Open the Materials dialog in the Settings menu.

  2. Select a material containing a liquid phase filling the region of interest.

  3. If the material is a multiphase one, select the liquid phase.

  4. Click on the Characteristic Numbers button.

    The Characteristic Numbers dialog opens.

    Characteristic Numbers dialog 

    Figure 18. Characteristic Numbers dialog

  5. Type in the values for the characteristic temperature, the length, the temperature gradient and the velocity

  6. Press the Apply button.

    Depending on the material parameters defined in the selected phase and the gas pressure in the Process Parameters dialog several values will be displayed at the same time.

  7. If you want to compute characteristic numbers for different values of e.g velocities, you can change the value in the text field and press Apply again.