Simulation Mode: Settings

Simulations can only be computed when the furnace geometry is complete and materials were assigned to each region. CrysMAS will not allow you to leave Geometry Mode, if some points and lines have not been connected to regions.

You may change, however, from Materials Mode to Simulation Mode without having assigned materials to every region. But you have to return to Materials Mode and take care of the assignment. Otherwise you will not be able to start any computation.

Two items in the Settings menu are described in other sections, because they are closely related to Geometry respectively and Materials Mode:

The remaining menu items of the Settings menu serve to determine the general setup for the simulation by defining:

All settings and parameters entered in the Settings menu dialogs will be saved together with geometry, materials and all computational parameters in the *.crys file.


Files saved in the Simulation Mode contain all data available for a furnace and should never be changed manually.

If you change a *.crys file, CrysMAS will not be able to run simulations from this file anymore.

Do not modify *.crys files manually.