Joining SCA and FI

For the SCA geometry and materials must be defined and saved to a *.crys file.

For the FI geometry, materials, boundaries and heaters must be defined and saved to a *.crys file.

  1. Select File > Join.

    The Join dialog opens:

    Join dialog 

    Figure 2. Join dialog

    Cartridges listed in the configuration list are displayed in the left frame of the Join dialog. Furnace inserts listed in the configuration list can be chosen from the list box on top of the right side.

  2. Select the cartridge and the furnace insert you want to join.


    Click on the Advanced check box to browse for cartridges and furnace inserts which have not yet been added to the configuration list, but should be joined for the current simulation. You have to choose both either by browsing or from the configuration list. Listed objects cannot be combined with browsing result.

  3. The offset defines the initial position of the cartridge in the furnace for the current joining procedure.

    Change the Offset value, if necessary.

  4. Specify the output file for the complete simulation model by typing the name or by browsing.

  5. Click on Join.

If you activated the box preview files, you can follow the assembling of the final simulation model. First the cartridge will be displayed:

LGF cartridge 

Figure 3. LGF cartridge

When the joining is finished, the complete furnace will be displayed:

Complete LGF furnace 

Figure 4. Complete LGF furnace

Now the simulation model is available for computation.

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