Saving SCA and FI configurations

On the Configure tab in the Join dialog you assemble cartridges and furnace inserts available for combination. When you save these configurations, the entries will be listed on the Join tab.

To assemble the lists proceed as follows:

  1. Select File > Join > Configure tab.

    The Configure tab of the Join dialog opens:

    Configure tab of Join dialog 

    Figure 5. Configure tab of Join dialog

  2. The cartridge manager assists you in administering the cartridge list for the joiner.

    Browse for the cartridge *.crys file and select it.

    The file name will be displayed in the field file. If necessary, delete the path information.

  3. Click on Add.

  4. The Furnace insert manager assists you in administering the furnace insert list for the joiner.

    Browse for the furnace insert *.crys file and select it.

  5. Click on Add.

  6. The default offset defines the initial position of the cartridge in the furnace, e.g. the distance between the top of the cartridge and the top of the insertion region of the furnace (contact). The joiner assumes that SCA and FI have the same symmetry axis.

    Set or change the Default offset in the bottom of the dialog window.

  7. Click on Save configuration to save both lists.

    Both lists will be saved to the configuration file joiner.cfg in CrysMAS's DATA directory and be available on the Join tab.

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