Changing the unstructured mesh parameters

  1. Click on the Show/hide mesh button   in the tool bar.

    If a mesh was already computed, it will be displayed. The button is gray, if mesh data are not yet available respectively were not saved after the last run.

  2. Select Settings > mesh.

    The mesh dialog opens:

    mesh dialog 

    Figure 9. mesh dialog

  3. If you do not select any line(s) or region(s) and change either of the three values, clicking on Apply or pressing the Enter key will change the default values and delete the existing mesh completely.

    Select the line(s) or region(s) where you want to change the value respectively to compute a new mesh.

  4. Overwrite the value you want to change.

  5. Click on Apply or press the Enter key to apply the changes and keep the dialog open.

    Depending on your selection you will observe the following effect on the existing mesh:

    - If you selected one or more regions, the mesh will be deleted in these regions.

    - If you selected one or more lines, the mesh will be deleted in all neighboring regions.

  6. After all changes have been made, close the mesh dialog by clicking OK or Close.


Before any variable can be computed again, a new mesh has to be generated. CrysMAS will take care of this in the computation process, but you can also generate the mesh separately.

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