Generating the unstructured mesh

  1. Click on the Show/hide mesh button   in the tool bar.

    When a mesh was computed, it will be displayed and so you can immediately see the effect of your setting.

  2. If necessary, open the Unstructured mesh dialog to change any of the mesh parameters, see Changing the unstructured mesh parameters.

  3. Select Computation > Generate mesh.

    The generated mesh will be displayed in the drawing.

    Unstructured mesh in the VHF furnace 

    Figure 10. Unstructured mesh in the VHF furnace

    If you changed only parts of the furnace, this message will appear:

    Delete mesh warning 

    Figure 11. Delete mesh warning

    You can choose if you want to compute the whole mesh again (Yes) or for the empty regions only (No).


The mesh data will be saved with the complete *.crys file or with geometry only.


By default no mesh is generated in regions with materials named vacuum.

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