Physical Phenomena

The most important variable is temperature. In addition, CrysMAS can compute a variety of variables. On the one hand certain variables require specific parameters to be set. On the other hand you do not want all variables available to be computed automatically. CrysMAS checks for variables and corresponding parameters and you can determine the degrees of freedom in the Physical Phenomena dialog, i.e. whether a variable group shall be solved or not.

Physical Phenomena dialog 

Figure 30. Physical Phenomena dialog




This variable group will be solved in the selected regions.


This variable group is eligible, but will not be solved in the selected region(s).


The status (yes/no) of the variables in this variable group remains unchanged for all regions selected.

Temperature is always computed and therefore it is set to yes by default in the Physical Phenomena dialog. All you have to do is to select the regions in the drawing or to click on the select all regions button, which will result in computing the overall temperature distribution.

The remaining variables are only computed, if the settings and parameters are appropriate and the Yes box is checked.


It is not possible to compute variables, if settings and parameters are not correct. For instance, you cannot compute inductive heating for a furnace with resistance heaters. CrysMAS matches settings and parameters and offers only variables which can be solved. The remaining variables are gray and inactive.

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