Defining boundaries

You set the boundary conditions in the Boundaries dialog.

  1. Open a *.crys file.

  2. Select Settings > Boundaries.

    The Boundaries dialog opens.

    Boundaries dialog 

    Figure 35. Boundaries dialog

  3. Before you can specify any boundary condition you have to select at least one line.

    Select one or more lines with the middle mouse button.

    The line(s) will turn green in the drawing and the parameter input field will be displayed.

  4. Boundaries can be defined for the following variables:

    List box options for Boundary dialog 

    Figure 36. List box options for Boundary dialog

    Select the variable you want to set the boundary condition for.

  5. Select the boundary you want to define.

  6. If you check one of the boundary boxes, you have to enter a value in the input field or to specify a profile file, otherwise an error message will come up. In case of the Dirichlet boundary will be displayed:

    Boundaries error 

    Figure 37. Boundaries error

    Enter the value for the boundary in the input field.


    Check Profile option and write the file name of the *.pro file into the input field and specify the start column.


    Click on the Browse button to search for the *.pro file and specify the start column.

  7. Click on the Apply button to set the boundary or press the Enter key.

  8. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until boundaries are set for all variables required.

  9. Click on the Close button to close the dialog.


    Click on OK to apply the last changes and close the dialog.

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