Defining a moving region

  1. Select Computation > TimeModel.

  2. Select time model Full implicit from the list box and specify the relevant parameters.

  3. Select Settings > Moving Regions.

    The Moving Regions dialog opens:

    Moving regions dialog 

    Figure 45. Moving regions dialog

  4. If you want to define different velocities for the moving regions, you have to select the regions one after the other.

    Select the moving region(s) in the geometry. For selecting more than one region keep the CTRL key pressed.

    The number of the selected region(s) is displayed in the dialog window.

  5. Select the moving type.

    You can either specify a constant velocity for the selected regions or provide a profile file containing the position or velocity time-dependence, see Moving Regions.

    Specify the values for constant velocities in r- and/or z-direction in the respective input fields.


    Specify the *.mov file containing time-dependent velocity (in case of Variable velocity option) or regions displacement (in case of Position profile option), and enter the column of the r-velocity or r-coordinate.

  6. Click on Apply.

  7. Click on select all moving regions to verify your changes.

  8. Close the dialog by clicking on Close or OK.

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