Selecting the full implicit time model

  1. Select Computation > Time Model.

    The Time Model dialog opens. If you already had a time-dependent simulation, the input fields will be white and you can change parameters. If your model was pseudo-stationary, all input fields are gray.

  2. Select Full implicit in the list box on top of the Time Model dialog window.

    The input fields in the Time Model dialog window turn white.

    Time Model dialog 

    Figure 1. Time Model dialog

  3. You have to specify Start time, Stop time and the length of the Time step. The time step is increased by the incremental factor, if the last time step was finished in less than the “max. iterations”, decreased if more iterations were necessary, otherwise left unchanged. The rate of in- or decreasing is changed by the incremental and decremental factors.

    Type the values in the input fields or overwrite the default values, if necessary.

  4. Click on Apply or press the Enter key to apply the changes and keep the dialog open.

  5. After all changes have been made, close the Time Model dialog by clicking OK or Close.

    The time-dependent information will be used for profile and monitoring operations.


In any time-dependent computation the growth rate must be set to 0 in the Process parameters dialog.