Process parameters: Alternating magnetic fields

Alternating magnetic fields are defined only by the parameters for inductive heating. No other parameters need to be specified.

The Lorentz forces are computed as post-process after the vector potential was solved by checking the Inductive Heating box in the Physical Phenomena dialog.

Now you are ready to compute the Lorentz forces:

  1. Select the region in the furnace.

  2. Check the Lorentz Forces box in the Physical Phenomena dialog.

    Lorentz Forces checked in Physical Phenomena dialog 

    Figure 5. Lorentz Forces checked in Physical Phenomena dialog

  3. Start computation by selecting Computation > Start Computation or by clicking on  .

When you start the convection computation, the Lorentz forces are taken into account.


The inductive heating is available only for all inductors with the same phase of the electric current. The traveling electromagnetic fields with phase shifted inductors can be computed in framework of the other model only considering their action on the electromagnetic melt convection. No heating effect is considered then.