Process parameters: Stationary magnetic field

For stationary magnetic fields the checkbox Stationary Fields in the Electrical Potential dialog has to be chosen, and the following parameters have to be specified:

Now you can compute the Lorentz forces:

  1. Select the region in the furnace.

  2. Check the Electrical Potential box in the Physical Phenomena dialog.

  3. Start computation by selecting Computation > Start Computation or by clicking on  .

    For actually computing the Lorentz forces, you need to check the Lorentz Forces box in the Physical Phenomena dialog.

    Physical Phenomena dialog: Lorentz forces 

    Figure 7. Physical Phenomena dialog: Lorentz forces

The stationary magnetic field and the MHD effect of stationary field is computed only on the unstructured mesh, see tutorial Simulating Stationary Magnetic Fields and Computing Lorentz Forces.