Setting Convection parameters

Setting abortion parameters
Setting multiphase parameters
Setting ramp parameters
Selecting solvers
Setting turbulent convection on unstructured mesh parameters
Setting convection on structured mesh parameters

The parameters for computing convection are set in the Convection parameters dialog.

Note: Convection calculation on the unstructured mesh is slow and unstable, and will, if it can not be improved, perhaps be removed in the future. Currently the corresponding settings are disabled in the user interface, but can be activated in the preferences dialog (see features), if you really think you need it. Computing convection on the unstructured mesh can be very time-consuming and these parameters help to minimize computation time by providing the opportunity to define abortion criteria, updating intervals, ramps and solvers. Generally usage of the structured mesh is advised for computation of the convection. The input dialogs for the convection parameters don't coincide for computation on the structured and unstructured meshes.