Selecting solvers

In case of convection the code CrysMAS applies different solvers for equations discretized on the unstructured and unstructured mesh. For structured mesh an iterative SIP solver is always used. For the unstructured mesh one of the solvers available also for solution of temperature equation, see Forward tab of the Numerical Parameters dialog. The solver options for the unstructured mesh are described in this section.

CrysMAS makes simulations by repeated solution of linear equation systems. For velocity and pressure equations, the same solvers as for forward and inverse simulation are available, see Forward and Inverse.

Default solvers should not be changed, because, by experience, they produce satisfactory results. You may, however, change the parameters for pressure and velocity.

  1. Select Computation > Convection parameters.

    The Convection parameters dialog opens.

  2. Click on the Solver tab.

    The Solver tab in the Convection parameters dialog opens:

    Solver tab in the Convection parameters dialog 

    Figure 23. Solver tab in the Convection parameters dialog

  3. The velocity solver default is the STABBiCG, the same iterative solver as for forward simulation. The pressure solver default is the direct solver GSSV, the same as for inverse simulation.

    Change the default solvers and preconditioners for velocity and pressure, if necessary.

  4. Set the convergence criteria Max. inner iterations and Desired residuum, if desired.

  5. Click on Apply and Close.


    Click on OK to apply the changes and to close the dialog.

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