Display of Solver Information

The Show Solver Information dialog enables you to monitor the solution procedure. Depending on the variable solved, you can choose between monitoring the Residuals (Temperature) or the Other information (Convection). The third kind of solver information displayed are the Rowsums of the view factors, see Radiation: view factors.

Monitoring residuals

Before you open the dialog the *.crys file should be ready for starting the computation, i.e. all settings and relevant parameters are set.

  1. Select Computation > Show Solver Information.

    The Show Solver Information dialog opens with the Residuals option active:

    Show Solver Information: Residuals 

    Figure 27. Show Solver Information: Residuals

  2. Select Computation > Start Computation.


    Click on the   Button in the tool bar.

    The computation process starts either with computing the view factors or immediately with solving the variable. Stage and progress are indicated in the status bar. A short time after solving has begun, the equation residuum will be displayed in the Show Solver Information dialog window:

    Show Solver Information dialog: equation residuals 

    Figure 28. Show Solver Information dialog: equation residuals

    If you computed convection and switch to Others, the solving progress for the momentum, the temperature and the interface-dT will be displayed:

    Show Solver Information dialog: Flow information 

    Figure 29. Show Solver Information dialog: Flow information

    Show Solver Information dialog: mixed residuum 

    Figure 30. Show Solver Information dialog: mixed residuum

  3. Click on Close.


    Press Enter to close the dialog.


In case of convection computation, more equations are solved in the same time. In this case, the Residuals information mixes more residuum, so the displayed information is unusable. Select only Others option to monitor convection computation!

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