Number of processes

Starting with version 4.308, we are partially parallelizing the code for use with shared-memoy-machines. Computation > Number of Processes will open a dialog window offering you to select a number of processes, the maximum given by the number of independent cores found on your system. If you use it, please leave the dialog open or check from time to time - the number of processes will be reset to 1 under certain conditions, e.g. when loading a new file. Currently, only the calculation of viewfactors is fully parallelized however, not including the calculation of Gebhard matrices. Nevertheless, this can give a huge speedup. Discretization of temperature matrix is parallelized partially, solution of the resulting linear system is parallelized when using the GSSV solver, which is recommended anyways. Typically, in a case involving larger numbers of radiating surfaces, you can expect a speedup of 2 to 3 when using e.g. 4 processes on a Quad-Core-machine. Convection and raytracing has not been parallelized so far.