Simulation Mode: Variables

A variable is a physical quantity that can be computed by CrysMAS , like Temperature or vonMisesStress. Some of this variables are closely related to each other while others are practically independent from each other.

For instance, the two components of displacements are coupled very tight together because they are influencing each other and can be solved only together. They are also both coupled to the Temperature but the temperature is independent of them, so the relationship between the displacements and the Temperature is not very tight because the only condition that must be fulfilled is that first the temperature must be computed and afterwards the displacements.

The vonMisesStress can again be computed from the displacements. There are cases when the user must decide how strong the variables are coupled together. For instance, the user might need to compute the temperature and the magnetic field at the same time if the magnetic properties are depending on the temperature. Else, the user can choose to compute first the magnetic field and then the temperature.

This is the reason that some variables are coupled together in groups of variables.

Variable groups list box 

Figure 1. Variable groups list box

A group of variables contains all variables which are calculated simultaneously. For instance, the variable group Temperature contains radial gradient, axial gradient, radial heat flux, axial heat flux, conductivity r and conductivity z.

After selecting the desired variable group, you must specify the region(s) where the program should calculate them. On the one hand, not every variable is of interest for all regions. On the other hand, it is not possible to calculate every variable for every region respectively material. You determine which groups of variables are of interest in a region by using the Physical Phenomena dialog invoked via Settings menu.