Show results

The Show dialog in the Visualization menu enables you to visualize results tor the left and the right side of the geometry. When you load a *.crys file, the regions are displayed on both sides of the main window by default. When you open the Show dialog menu you see that the options for displaying the regions are active:

Show dialog 

Figure 1. Show dialog

If you click on the regions boxes to deactivate them, the furnace will disappear from the main window, although the file is still open.

Besides the regions, you can visualize the mesh, the isolines, the vector field, the scalar field and the legend for the scalar field. For temperature and the variables in this group, all features can arbitrarily and simultaneously be combined. Results for all other variables can be displayed on the right side only. But it is possible to combine the display of temperature on the left side with the display of other variables on the right side, e.g. Velocity V.

Exemplary combination of temperature scalar field and Velocity V 

Figure 2. Exemplary combination of temperature scalar field and Velocity V

For the regions on the right side, you can also use the tool bar buttons for mesh  , isolines  , vector field   and scalar field   to toggle the displaying on and off.

For more information see the tutorial tasks Visualizing the calculated temperatures, Visualizing the results of inverse simulation and Show.