Write isoline

An isoline is a graphical representation of all points having the same computed value. Therefore the Write Isoline dialog is very simple.

  1. Select Analysis > Write Isoline.

    The Write Isoline dialog opens.

    Write isoline dialog 

    Figure 5. Write isoline dialog

  2. Select the variable from the list box next to Value of.

  3. Specify the temperature value for the isoline in the input field.

  4. The system suggests to save the isoline values in a file with the identical name, but the extension *.iso >. If you do not want this name, you can replace it manually or browse for a different file.

    Change the file name, if necessary.

  5. Click on Apply and Close to save the isoline.


    Click on Apply and specify another isoline.

    The isoline for the temperature specified will be saved to CrysMAS 's home directory.

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