Writing points

On the Points tab you specify points for which variable values shall be saved to an ASCII file. The file name for the exported data is composed of the original file name to which “_p.mon” is added.

You can add points by specifying the coordinates and clicking on Add. You change and delete a point by selecting the point and clicking on Change or Delete.

To save data at specific points proceed as follows:

  1. Select Analysis > Write Profile.

    The Monitor/Write Profile dialog opens, default is the Points tab.

    Monitor/Write Profile, Points tab 

    Figure 7. Monitor/Write Profile, Points tab

  2. The points are specified by their coordinates.

    Specify the r- and z-coordinates of the desired point in the respective input fields, e.g. r = 0, z = 0.2.

  3. The check box moving is only to be activated, if the point belongs to a moving region. If checked, the monitoring protocol will follow the point.

    Select moving, if applicable.

  4. Click on Variables button.

    The variables tree selector is opened and you select the variables for which the values shall be exported.

  5. Click on Add.

    The point appears in the top field.

  6. Specify as many points as you need by repeating steps 2 to 5.

    The coordinates of all points, their status (moving or not) and the variable group will be listed in the upper field of the dialog window.

    The computed values for the defined points will be displayed in the lower field of the dialog window (calculated values table).

    Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab 

    Figure 8. Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab

  7. Click on Apply and Close.

    The data will be written to the file specified in the field in the middle of the dialog window.

    The dialog will be closed and the ASCII file is ready for post-processing.

    If you already saved data to the suggested file, the following message will be displayed:

    Overwrite warning 

    Figure 9. Overwrite warning

    You can either save the data to a different file, append the data to the existing file, overwrite the existing file, or cancel the operation and continue.


    If the chemical model is defined, the variables of the chemical model (names of chemical species) occur in the Chemistry list item.

    Monitor/Write Profile dialog, list of chemical variables 

    Figure 10. Monitor/Write Profile dialog, list of chemical variables

    The chemical species can be selected from the tree of variables in the same manner as another field variables provided they are the transported variables. The chemical variables are transported if the material with the same name has a single liquid phase.

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