Export Data

In the Export data dialog you can save variables values from a rectangular area or selected furnace regions.

  1. Select Analysis > Export Data.

  2. If you want to save data inside a rectangular area, follow a); if you want to save data from furnace regions, follow b):

    • a) check Rectangle option and define the rectangle by specifying the coordinates: lower left corner (r and z min) and upper right corner (r and z max).

      CrysMAS will display the area selected, when you click on Show area.

      Exporting data for a rectangular area 

      Figure 15. Exporting data for a rectangular area

    • b) check Region(s) option and select on the drawing the desired region. Press and hold down Ctrl key to select more regions.

      If the material of selected region contains has two phases, you can select to export only data in crystal or melt zone.

      Exporting regions data 

      Figure 16. Exporting regions data

  3. Specify the number of rows and of columns in the output file.

  4. Select the variables from the Groups and Variables tree list.

  5. The system suggests to save the data to a file with the extension *.gpro. You may either accept the suggestion, change the name or browse for a different file.

    Click on Apply.

    The system confirms the successful saving of the data.

  6. Click on Close.

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