Running a Thermal Analysis (Quick Start)

Opening the file LGF_prototype.crys
Generating the mesh
Changing parameters in the Settings and the Computation menus
Opening the Physical Phenomena dialog
Opening the Initial Values dialog
Opening the Boundaries dialog
Changing the heating power
Specifying growth rate in the Process parameters dialog
Changing the forward relaxation factor in the Numerical parameters dialog
Computing temperature
Visualizing the calculated temperatures
Writing isoline

This tutorial illustrates the basic functions of CrysMAS . Its purpose is to familiarize you with the navigational aids and the content of the menus and dialogs. Many of the tasks described in this tutorial are basic activities which need to be performed any time you run a thermal analysis.

This tutorial uses a *.crys file containing all geometry and materials data. Before starting computation, you specify basic settings and computational parameters. During computation you follow the solving procedure, look at the results and finally write an isoline to a file.

The following tasks are involved: