Opening the file LGF_prototype.crys


CrysMAS is running.

The LGF_prototype.crys file is available in CrysMAS 's EXAMPLES directory.

  1. CrysMAS always opens in Simulation Mode and therefore only *.crys files are offered in the Open file dialog.

    Select File > Open.

    The Open file dialog opens.

  2. Select LGF_prototype.crys from the CrysMAS directory and click on Open.

    The furnace stored in LGF_prototype.crys is displayed:


    Figure 1. LGF_prototype.crys

    In the status bar the position of the mouse pointer and (on the right hand side of the drawing) the appropriate region is displayed.

    For example, if you point to the base of the SCA, “Reg = 288 (Stainless Steel)” is displayed. This means that the material “Stainless Steel” is assigned to region number 288.

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