Generating the mesh

CrysMAS needs a mesh as a mathematical basis for the simulation. The mesh is unstructured and has triangular meshes.

  1. Select Computation > Generate mesh.

    The program starts generating the mesh. You can observe the progress of the generating process in the right field of the status bar. The Show/hide mesh button   becomes active as soon as the computation is finished.

  2. Click on the Show/hide mesh button   in the tool bar.

    The mesh is displayed on the right side of the furnace.

    LGF_prototype with mesh on the right side 

    Figure 2. LGF_prototype with mesh on the right side

  3. By default, only the geometry (regions) is displayed for the left side of the furnace. You can, however, select most results to be displayed for both furnace sides via the Show dialog.

    Select Visualization > Show.

    The Show dialog is displayed:

    Show dialog 

    Figure 3. Show dialog

  4. Click on the check box next to mesh in the column Left.

    The mesh will be displayed for the whole geometry.

    LGF_prototype with mesh on both sides 

    Figure 4. LGF_prototype with mesh on both sides

  5. The Show/hide mesh button   controls the display of the mesh only for the right side of the furnace. For turning it off on the left side, you use the Show dialog.

    Click on the check box next to mesh in the column Left.

  6. Click on Close to close the Show dialog.

  7. Click on Show/hide mesh button   to turn the mesh display off for the right side.

    The mesh is not displayed anymore, but the Show/hide mesh button   remains active thus indicating that the mesh has already been computed.

  8. Select File > Save file.

    The mesh will be saved to the LGF_prototype.crys file. The next time you load this file, the Show/hide mesh button   will be active.

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