Opening the Physical Phenomena dialog

In the Physical Phenomena dialog you select the variables to be computed. In most cases temperature has to be computed first, because the computation of the other variables takes these results into account.

  1. Select Settings > Physical Phenomena.

    The Physical Phenomena dialog opens:

    Physical Phenomena dialog 

    Figure 5. Physical Phenomena dialog

  2. As long as no region is selected, you are not able to activate any of the boxes.

    Move the mouse pointer to the region you want to select and press the left mouse button.

    The region will be highlighted in the drawing. In the Physical Phenomena dialog the number of region(s) selected will change to 1 and Temperature will become active.

  3. Depending on the region selected, the Yes box may be active or not. If not:

    Click on the Yes box next to Temperature to set the prerequisite for its computation and click on Apply and Close.


    If the box was already active and you did not change anything, click on Close.

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