Opening the Initial Values dialog

Now we will look at some basic settings in the Settings menu: Initial Values, Boundaries and Heaters.

  1. Select Settings > Initial Values.

    The Initial Values dialog opens:

    Initial Values dialog 

    Figure 6. Initial Values dialog

  2. Although the initial value for temperature is more relevant for time-dependent than for pseudo-stationary computations, we ask you to change the value from 300 to 500 K. As for every change of parameters, you have to select at least one region first.

    Move the mouse pointer to a region of your choice and press the left mouse button.

    The region will be highlighted in the drawing and the number of region(s) selected will change to 1 in the Initial Values dialog. The actual initial value is shown.

    Or you can select the Select all regions button in the Initial Values dialog.

  3. Select all regions by clicking on the Select all regions button in the Initial Values dialog. Then replace the default of 300 K by 500.

  4. Click on Apply and Close, if you want to close the dialog.


You can also click on OK to apply the change and close the dialog. But in practice you may have to change more than one value on more than one tab of the same dialog and want to keep the dialog open by clicking on Apply only.

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