Changing the forward relaxation factor in the Numerical parameters dialog

In this dialog the convergence criteria for forward simulations are specified. One of them is the forward relaxation factor. At each iteration, when a new value is computed, only the fraction of the variation which is specified by the forward relaxation factor, will be taken into account.

  1. Select Computation > Numerical parameters.

    The Numerical parameters dialog opens:

    Numerical parameters dialog, View factors tab 

    Figure 12. Numerical parameters dialog, View factors tab

    The Renormation check box should be active for computing view factors.

  2. Click on the Forward tab.

    The dialog for setting parameters for forward simulation opens:

    Numerical parameters dialog: Forward tab 

    Figure 13. Numerical parameters dialog: Forward tab

  3. Change the forward relaxation factor to 0.1.

  4. Click on Apply and Close.