Changing the sample size by entering exact values

In CrysMAS changing the size of a region means moving elements. You can move elements by entering exact values in the Move to dialog (this task) or by drag and drop, see Changing the sample size by drag and drop.

  1. Select Edit > Copy/Move to.

    Copy/Move to dialog opens.

  2. The next step is to enlarge the sample region from y(z) = 0.15450 m to y(z) = 0.13450 m with the use of the Move to dialog.

    You can do this by specifying the absolute z-coordinate (0.13450) or by specifying the relative z-difference (-0.02). The absolute entry is used here:

    Activate the absolute check box.

  3. Activate the Change y(z) to check box and enter 0.13450.

  4. Make sure that the Change x(r) to check box is not activated.

    Now the dialog window looks like this:

    Move-to dialog 

    Figure 22. Move-to dialog

  5. Click on OK.

    The selected points and the selected line are moved to the position with z = 0.13450 m.

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