Changing the sample size by drag and drop

In CrysMAS changing the size of a region means moving points and lines. You can move elements by drag and drop (this task) or by entering exact values in the Move to dialog, see Changing the sample size by entering exact values.

  1. If the line and the two points are not selected any more: Select the line and the points with the right mouse button. If necessary, enlarge the drawing to get the same cutout as in the previous task.

  2. Click in the Tolerance field, leave the mouse pointer in this field, and set the value to 0.004.

  3. Confirm with Enter.

    The tolerance of the drawing has now changed to 0.004, which is 0.004 m = 4 mm  .

  4. Click on the Toggle Raster button  .

    The raster is displayed and activated with the size specified by the tolerance 0.004.

    Raster for moving elements 

    Figure 23. Raster for moving elements

  5. If you don't get the desired result while editing, select Edit > Undo.

    Click on the Move button  .

    The Move button   remains activated, and the function of the middle mouse button is to move selected lines and points.

  6. Press and hold the middle mouse button on the selected line or points and move them to the original position at 0.15450.

    The selected line and points move with the mouse. Because the raster mode is on, they move in steps of 0.004 tolerance. As soon as you release the middle mouse button, the Move button   becomes deactivated.

  7. Click on the Toggle Raster button   to turn the raster off, and click on the Zoom out button to reset the SCA to its original size.

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