Adding a material to the furnace

The most important source for materials is the material database. The material database, if exists, is loaded at program start. From this database you can copy materials to your furnace. These materials are saved into the *.crys file together with the geometry and all other settings.

  1. First you load a *.crys file:

    Select File > Open.

  2. Select VGF_prototype.crys and click on Open.

    The furnace VGF_prototype is displayed:

    VGF_prototype, Simulation Mode 

    Figure 28. VGF_prototype, Simulation Mode

  3. The Database dialog is opened via the Materials dialog in the Settings menu.

    Select Settings > Materials.

    The Materials dialog opens.

    Materials dialog 

    Figure 29. Materials dialog

  4. Click on the Database button underneath the materials list.

    The Database dialog opens and the materials available in the material database and the furnace are displayed.

    Database dialog 

    Figure 30. Database dialog

    In the left field the materials in the database are listed, in the right field the materials of the furnace. The lists are synchronized: Selecting a material from one list leads to selecting the matching material from the other one, if available. Matching materials are compared in order to set the status of the furnace materials. Differing properties are displayed in the field Properties status.

    The materials are locked in the furnace according to the lock status of matching materials in the database. The user can not change the properties of the locked materials in the Materials dialog.

  5. Select Fancy in the material database list (on the left).

    Fancy is highlighted in the list.

  6. Click on the   button to copy Fancy to your furnace.

    Fancy appears in the list of local materials (on the right).

  7. Click on Apply.

    The material Fancy is saved to the furnace's list of materials. Its properties can be displayed in the Materials dialog, but not changed, because the material is locked.

  8. Click on Close to close the Database dialog and return to the Materials dialog.

  9. In case you need a material like Fancy with changed properties, you have to add a new one based on initial material.

    Select Fancy in the materials list (on the left).

    Fancy is highlighted in the list and displayed in the Material name field above the list.

    List of materials in Materials dialog 

    Figure 31. List of materials in Materials dialog

  10. Replace Fancy in the Material name field by Crucible support and press Enter.

    Crucible support will be added to the materials list inheriting the properties from Fancy.

  11. You may transfer the new material to the material database.

    Open the Database dialog by clicking on the Database button in the Materials dialog.

  12. Select the material Crucible support from the list of local materials.

  13. Click on  .

    The material Crucible support is added to the material database.

  14. Click on Apply and Close to save the changes and to close the Database dialog.

  15. Click on Apply and Close to save the changes and to close the Materials dialog.

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